Pipe and Joint System

PIPE & JOINT SYSTEM comprises of a wide range of components including coated steel pipes, stainless pipes, metal joints, roller tracks and accessories. With the Pipe & Joint System, structures are highly customizable to exact specification and requirements. Thus, creating a variety of structures to suit the lean manufacturing philosophy. It is commonly used as Work Station, Flow Racks, Trolleys and the possibilities are endless!
  • Quick to assemble and completely reusable
  • Ergonomically designed and optimised productivity
  • Allowing loads to move easily to point of need
  • Increase workflow efficiency and provides FIFO stock management
  • Lightweight materials and maintenance free

Pipe and Joint System

ABS Coated Steel Pipe, Stainless Pipe, ESD Pipe

Metal Joints

Metal Joints, Pipe Bushing, Plastics Cap

Metal Accessories, Aluminium/Steel Roller Tracks, Roller Placon

Roller Tracks Mounting Brackets, Placon Joints

Adjuster Feet, Metal Adjuster, Leveling Mounts

Castor Wheel

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